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Air Freight Forwarding

Smart GPS fleet management

Discover the true potential of your fleet with our feature-rich and user-friendly Smart Fleet Management Gps System.

Supply Chain Security

Insurance Telematics

Creating Data Intelligence - actionable insights for insurance companies

The E-commerce Effect

Vehicle dealership telematics

Our telematics will provide you with the data and business intelligence you need to stand out, boost sales, reduce operational costs, and increase revenue.

Ocean Cargo Roundtable

Car Rental Telematics

Manage your rental fleet/ vehicle on hire on the go. Make extremely well informed business decisions with fleet telematics analytics dashboard. Create and engaging an efficient user experience

Import Fundamentals

Fuel station automation

Designed for fuel retailers who seek a flexible and simple management solution, while strive to maximize profit and increase traffic and sales

Intermodal Roundtable


Every company has a different communication need , 365 Impact analyzes the telecommunication needs of your company and designs a communication stratergy that works for your company.

The company promise

As your Internet of Things Service Provider , we promise to deliver service , the best technology and the right people to help your business grow.