Discover the true potential of your fleet with our feature-rich and user-friendly Smart Fleet Management Gps System. Track your vehicles in real time, investigate historical location data, reduce fuel costs, and plan optimal routes - all in one platform.


Smart Fleet Management


Real-time tracking (refreshed every 2 to 20 seconds, based on curves and turns) with live speed, journey distance, time and fuel gauge

Theft Prevention

Did you know that now your vehicle can fight back? Our Products use artificial intelligence to protect your vehicle..

Trip History

Detailed logs of all your trips with play back and trip bread-crumb, giving granular points through the trip with time and speed of every point in the trip measured in seconds

Real Time Alerts

Smart Fleet Management Gps system provides you with a wide range of real-time alerts:

Bird's Eye View

See all vehicles at a glance across continents. Filter your vehicles to see by groups, subgroups or all vehicles.

Wep and Mobile Portal

Fleet management Gps system can be accessed via cloud-based web portal or a smartphone app (iOS, Android).

Management Level

Organize your fleet into groups and sub-groups by location or department and enable different user access levels for each group or sub-group. You can set permissions for each of the users to access only specific areas of the fleet portal.

Driver Management

Create and save driver profiles that include license image, medical conditions, driver license expiry notifications and much more.Assign drivers to a vehicle or multiple vehicles and get reports of driver behavior based on either a driver or a vehicle.

Management Reports

nstantly download a host of reports in PDF, XLS or JPEG format. Reports include in-depth KPIs with granular details of fleet summary or individual vehicle report. Comparison reports allows you to compare multiple vehicles with each other.